Hoisting Equipment, Lifting Hardware

Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment also known as lifting gear, is a general term for any equipment that can be used to lift loads. Here you will find all of the products which are used in mainstream lifting applications, so it could be a block, a hoist or a lifting sling for example; which are designed to make your lifting process easier & faster.

Swivel Hook Snatch Pulley Block
Simple and reliable design, easy to use Eye-catching red in colour, easier to locate its location Safety enhanced, equipped with an auto-swinging mechanism in the hook Long Life-span, as it is temperature and high pressure resistant
Wire Grip Steel Cable Puller
The parallel jaws give a firm non-slip grip not damaging the wire Guide prevents the grip from dropping off the wire and affords instant release Tight wire-gripping for ratchet hoist (lever hoists) Solid ductile and malleable iron construction