Clips, Grips


Clamps latch onto plates, sheets, girders, pipes, cables, ropes and other items for safe hoisting, transferring, and positioning of a load in material handling operations. Typically, lifting clamps are used in pairs, attached to chains or rod hangers, and grip the end or corner flanges of an object. 

Beam Clamp
The clamp design of this product distributes weight away from the flange edges for added safety. It features a threaded screw that enables it to fit securely onto a wide range of beam sizes. The built-in suspension bar allows for low headroom applications. This product is extremely versatile and can be used for lifting, pulling, or as an anchor.
Scaffolding Pipe Clamp
The use of scaffolding couplers is so many as there can be seen initial defects in the scaffolding structure, like as the initial fold or bending of the bars, load eccentricity, and other etc. its purposes are large. Therefore, scaffolding couplers are used to stabilize the scaffold.
US Type Wire Rope Clamp
With high hardness, these wire rope clips are sturdy, reliable, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, and not easy to deform. it can be hang banners, flags, signs and banners, flags, including cables. Thimble and  clamps provide excellent protection against surface wear on wire ropes and prevent cable from weakening the cable .Insert both ends of the line required to secure and tighten both nuts.
Vertical Plate Clamp
Vertical plate clamps can be used on all hot rolled structural steel plates and sections up to a surface    hardness of  (25HRc). They can be used to lift plate from the horizontal to vertical position and vice versa through 180º. This series is fitted with a hold open and lock closed device. To initiate the self actuating force, a spring is incorporated into the clamp to give an initial bite on the material.