Chain Sling
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Chain Sling

  • Chain slings are designed for overhead lifting applications
  • Equipped with durable metal tag providing essential information
  • Ensures safety and traceability in lifting operations


Chain slings are a durable and reliable solution for lifting applications that require extra strength or encounter environmental hazards like chemicals or high temperatures. They are highly customizable and can be configured in various ways to meet specific lift requirements. Both standard and adjustable chain slings are available to ensure they meet the needs of the lift.

Chain slings are particularly recommended for overhead lifting tasks. The chains and components undergo heat treatment to enhance their durability and ensure they can handle the designated work-load limits. They are also proof tested to ensure they meet the safety standards and regulations. Each chain sling is equipped with a durable metal tag that provides essential information such as the work-load limit, grade, type, and a unique serial number for identification purposes. This ensures safety, traceability, and compliance with regulations in lifting operations.

With their heavy-duty construction, chain slings are built to withstand demanding lifting operations and provide reliable performance. They are designed to offer strength, durability, and versatility, making them a preferred choice in industries where safety and efficiency are paramount, such as construction, transportation, and manufacturing. They are suitable for lifting a variety of heavy objects, including construction materials, industrial equipment, and machinery.

Overall, chain slings are a robust lifting solution that can withstand challenging environments and provide reliable performance. They offer a high level of customization to meet specific lift requirements and are equipped with essential information for safety and traceability.


 Here are some common uses of chain slings:

- Lifting heavy objects in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation

- Lifting in environments with chemical hazards or high temperatures

- Lifting in applications that require extra strength and durability

- Lifting objects with irregular shapes or sizes that require customized lifting solutions

- Lifting in applications that require compliance with safety regulations and standards

These are just a few examples of the many uses of chain slings. The versatility, strength, and durability of chain slings make them a popular choice for a wide range of lifting applications.



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