Round Sling
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Round Sling

  • Seamless Yarn Core
  • Round Shape Polyester Material
  • Tubular Protective Cover
  • EN Standard Color Coded by Capacity


The Endless Polyester Round Sling Belt is made from a single loop of polyester yarn that is covered with a durable tubular polyester fabric to protect the core from external damage. This type of lifting sling is highly versatile, convenient, and cost-effective, making it an excellent choice for lifting a wide range of cargo.

The Round Sling's continuous loop design allows for easy handling and use in a variety of lifting applications. Its durable polyester construction ensures that it can withstand heavy loads and resist wear and tear over time.

Moreover, the Round Sling is a safe and reliable option for lifting cargo, as its design reduces the risk of load damage and worker injury. Its soft and flexible construction also allows it to conform to the shape of the load, providing a secure and stable grip during lifting operations.

Whether you need to lift heavy machinery, construction materials, or other types of cargo, the Endless Polyester Round Sling Belt is an efficient and cost-effective option that can help you get the job done safely and efficiently.


  • Lifting heavy machinery, such as engines, motors, and generators
  • Transporting construction materials, such as timber, pipes, and concrete blocks
  • Moving equipment and materials in manufacturing and production environments
  • Loading and unloading cargo containers in shipping ports and warehouses
  • Hoisting and positioning heavy equipment in industrial and construction settings
  • Rigging and positioning large objects, such as boats, aircraft, and vehicles
  • Securing loads during transportation on flatbed trucks or other vehicles
  • Lifting and positioning HVAC units for installation or maintenance
  • Rigging and lifting stage equipment for concerts and events
  • Moving and positioning heavy sculptures or artwork during installation or relocation.



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Data sheet
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