Load Binders


Those that haul often tend to have their preferences when it comes to which type of binder is best. For years, lever binders were the standard, as they are cost-effective and offer simple operation. Today, however, many of our customers lean toward ratchet binders. The primary reasons are safety and leverage achieved without the use of a binder bar.

Lever Binder
lever binders store very little energy in the handle, reducing the risk of recoiling snap-backs for the operator. This binder can be used with either a 3/8-inch Grade 70 or 1/2-inch Grade 43 chain. There are 2 main grades of chain for tie-down applications; Grade 43 High Test Chain and Grade 70 Transport Chain.
Ratchet Binder
Best combined with our Grade 80 or Grade 100 lashing chain for the ultimate chain tie-down solution. This Ratchet  Binders  gives greater control and allows the user to apply less pressure to achieve a tighter lashing in a shorter time scale.