Geared Beam Trolley
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Geared Beam Trolley

  • Geared Beam Trolley is ideal for users who require precise lifting and minimal sway while moving across the beam.
  • The trolley features precision ball bearing wheels that allow for easy maneuvering of heavy loads into position.
  • Existing equipment can be used without customization.


The Geared Beam Trolley is a critical component for ensuring the reliability, operational smoothness, and safety of your hoist. The trolley is designed to provide precision lifting and minimal sway while moving slowly across the beam. It features heat-treated steel wheels that are durable and resistant to wear and tear. The sealed bearings are designed to reduce maintenance requirements and extend the life of the trolley. The low-turn radius allows for smooth and easy movement across the beam, even in tight spaces.

The contoured wheels of the Geared Beam Trolley are designed to fit both tapered and flat-flange beams, making it suitable for short traversing distances and precise load movement. The adjustable flange width allows the trolley to fit a wide variety of beam flange widths, making it a flexible option for different applications.

In addition to its versatility and adaptability, the Geared Beam Trolley is engineered to be lighter and easier to install than other trolleys on the market. Despite its lightweight design, the trolley is specifically designed to be robust and durable, without unnecessary weight and bulkiness. This makes it a convenient choice for users who need to move the trolley frequently or install it in different locations.

Overall, the Geared Beam Trolley is a reliable, safe, and versatile option for moving heavy loads along an I-beam or H-beam. Its durable construction, contoured wheels, adjustable flange width, and lightweight design make it an excellent choice for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications..


- Manufacturing plants for moving heavy machinery and equipment

- Warehouses for transporting heavy loads of goods

- Construction sites for moving building materials and equipment

- Shipbuilding industry for moving heavy ship components

- Mining industry for moving heavy materials and equipment

- Power plants for moving heavy components and equipment

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