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Rigging Equipment

Rigging equipment referrers to the devices and elements used to lift and manoeuvre objects safely, as part of a planned system implemented by a team of riggers. This encompasses a variety of components which are used to secure and distribute the load in question, in order to facilitate the moving process and ensure that it is completed successfully. Industries which often require the services of rigging equipment include construction, engineering and event staging.

Like all lifting operations, hoisting and rigging should be performed with public and employee safety as a primary focus

Alloy Chain
Lifting and moving heavy loads in construction sites - Rigging in offshore oil and gas operations - Hoisting equipment in manufacturing plants - Material handling in warehouses and distribution centers - Securing cargo on trucks and trailers for transportation
Aluminum Alloy D-Shape Autolock Carabiner
D-shape light alloy aluminum carabiner with Auto-lock gate, conceived for use in rope rescue, rope access, mountaineering, and hauling operations. D-Shape Safe Self-Locking Gate with a unique three-movement opening mechanism Automatically locks closed for enhanced safety and convenience Maintains load against the spine of the carabiner for exceptional strength Directional shape allows for load orientation on the major axis Ideal for belay stations, working at height, hauling, and rope rescue maneuvers
Aquatec Marine Rope
Excellent abrasion resistance with High strength to weight ratio .Shock load resistance and UV resistant with excellent weathering properties with Excellent knotting and splicing . Optimal lay construction for higher strength Excellent abrasion resistance Ideal for marine fishing and heavy industrial use Distinctive Green with Gold mark coloring to identify genuine Aquatec Rope UV resistant with excellent weathering properties Excellent knotting and splicing capabilities
Beam Clamp
The clamp design of this product distributes weight away from the flange edges for added safety. It features a threaded screw that enables it to fit securely onto a wide range of beam sizes. The built-in suspension bar allows for low headroom applications. This product is extremely versatile and can be used for lifting, pulling, or as an anchor.
Chain Sling Safety Hook
Eye Type Sling Hooks are a general purpose hook suitable for most slinging applications. They come with heavy duty latch for added safety. Eye allows easy connection to coup links and can be attached to lifting apparatus.
Climbing Rope / Rappelling Rope
This Rope is constructed from strong polypropylene material with non-woven inner core, a resourceful, high strength rope with many indoor and outdoor applications. it Suitable for fire rescue, construction of high rope anchors, rescue work, tree surgery, canyoning, swing, magnetic fishing, caving, tree climbing, rappelling, climbing accessories, climbing and much more.
Coupling Link
Heavy duty retaining collar, with stainless steel locking spring. Unlimited number of assemblies and disassembles .Besides a perfect design the Coupling-link is equipped with a special pin retention system!!
Double Braided Static Rope
Double braid rope remains round under tension, imparts no rotational force when loaded, and has a soft hand. These characteristics are why it is ideal to use as a load rope. this rope has a braided core surrounded by a braided sheath.
Eye Sling Hook with Latch
The Eye Sling Hook is a type of lifting hook commonly used in rigging and lifting operations. It is designed to securely connect and support various types of slings, such as chain slings or wire rope slings, during material handling tasks in industries like construction, manufacturing, and logistics.
Eye to Eye Swivel Ring
Designed for applications where a quick swivel assembly with hook or quick link is expected. Usually used for chains, ropes etc. to prevent knotting after rotation. Great for Backpack, Key Ring, Camping, Hiking, Walking, Travel, Fishing, Indoor or Outdoor Equipment or Gear or Tools Carabiner!!
GI Chain
Great for load binding, towing, logging and more Can be used for outdoor trips, on farms, in industry and at home for general purpose applications such as pulling stumps, lashing cargo, truck tailgates and guard rails!!
Lashing Strap
The lashing strap is replaced for transport and traditional jute rope, chains and wires used for a variety of other applications. We use unique shape technology to ensure our handles never fall off. Rubber coated hooks will not scratch your equipment and keep it in pristine condition.
Lever Binder
lever binders store very little energy in the handle, reducing the risk of recoiling snap-backs for the operator. This binder can be used with either a 3/8-inch Grade 70 or 1/2-inch Grade 43 chain. There are 2 main grades of chain for tie-down applications; Grade 43 High Test Chain and Grade 70 Transport Chain.
Master Link
This master link is forged by special alloy steel with high intensity and high toughness, and then it is heat treated. Its function is as a connector or even using hammerlock when it connects by a steel chain.
Master Link Assembly
Master link assembly (forged main link) is one kind of common links. It is made by high quality alloy steal with advanced international production process. it can be widely used in mine, large factory, shipping, metallurgy, bridge constriction and so on.
MS Chain
The chain we offer is best suitable for high pressures.is made by high quality alloy steal with advanced international production process. it can be widely used in mine, large factory, shipping, metallurgy, bridge constriction and so on.
O Ring
Our products achieve the optimal balance between high tensile strength, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, and structural stability.  our products have a special treatment for bright and smooth surface of wire and cable to deliver a truly top-shelf, long lasting product that will look new for age.