Webbing Sling
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Webbing Sling

Webbing Sling has High strength to weight ratio , Color coded for easy capacity recognition .it is Light and flexible. Ability to absorb shock loads. No damage to delicate and painted surfaces. Wide load bearing area. Twist and kink resistant. Unaffected by grease and oils. No risk of injury to operator. Low extension and Easy to inspect .


The Eye & Eye Polyester Flat Webbing Sling Belt is crafted by stitching multiple layers of polyester webbing together, forming loops or eyes at each end of the belt. This type of lifting sling is ideal for heavy lifting tasks where other types of slings may cause damage to the cargo or the lifting process.

One of the key benefits of the Webbing Sling is its high strength to weight ratio, making it an efficient and reliable option for lifting heavy loads. Additionally, the sling is color-coded for easy capacity recognition, which helps to ensure safe and efficient use.

Another advantage of the Webbing Sling is its light and flexible design, which allows for easy handling and maneuvering during lifting operations. It also has the ability to absorb shock loads, minimizing the risk of damage to delicate and painted surfaces.

The wide load-bearing area of the Webbing Sling helps to distribute weight evenly, reducing the risk of damage to the load. It is also twist and kink resistant, ensuring that it maintains its shape and strength over time.

The Webbing Sling is unaffected by grease and oils, and there is no risk of injury to the operator during use. Additionally, it has low extension and is easy to inspect, making it a safe and reliable choice for heavy lifting tasks.


  • Cargo Lifting
  • Load Securing
  • Crane Load Hoisting
  • Heavy Equipment Carrying
  • Heavy Lifting in Construction Industries, Manufacturing Factories



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