Cable Sling
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Cable Sling

  • Wire rope slings are strong and abrasion-resistant for heavy duty jobs
  • Flexible design can conform to any shape for a secure application
  • Different configurations offer varying benefits for specific applications
  • Large outer wires provide better wear and corrosion resistance


Wire rope slings are a type of lifting and rigging equipment that is renowned for its strength and durability. They are commonly used in heavy-duty jobs such as lifting, hoisting, towing, or anchoring down loads. One of the key advantages of wire rope slings is their excellent abrasion-resistance, which makes them suitable for use in a wide variety of conditions and temperatures.

Wire rope slings are also highly flexible, which allows them to conform to just about any shape for a more secure and efficient application. This flexibility is due to the fact that wire rope slings are manufactured in a variety of configurations, each of which offers different benefits and is better suited to certain applications. 

A good general rule of thumb when selecting a wire rope sling is that a smaller number of large outer wires will offer better wear and corrosion resistance, while a larger number of small wires provides a better level of flexibility and fatigue resistance. This means that the configuration of the wire rope sling should be carefully considered based on the specific needs of the job at hand in order to ensure optimal performance and safety.


Here are some common uses of wire rope slings:

  • Lifting heavy objects, such as construction materials, machinery, or industrial equipment
  • Hoisting loads, such as in shipyards or construction sites
  • Towing vehicles or trailers
  • Anchoring down loads, such as in transportation or shipping
  • Rigging for theater or entertainment productions
  • Suspension and support in architectural or engineering applications

These are just a few examples, as wire rope slings have a wide range of applications in many different industries.



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