Eye Sling Hook with Latch
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Eye Sling Hook with Latch

The Eye Sling Hook is a type of lifting hook commonly used in rigging and lifting operations. It is designed to securely connect and support various types of slings, such as chain slings or wire rope slings, during material handling tasks in industries like construction, manufacturing, and logistics.


The Eye Sling Hook features a large, sturdy hook with a closed eye at its base. The closed eye serves as an attachment point for slings, which are typically equipped with an appropriate connecting link or attachment device. The design of the hook allows for easy engagement and disengagement of the sling, making it a versatile tool for lifting and rigging applications. The primary purpose of the Eye Sling Hook is to create a secure connection between the lifting equipment, such as cranes or hoists, and the load being lifted. The hook’s shape and size are specifically engineered to accommodate different types and sizes of slings, ensuring proper load distribution and lifting capabilities.


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