Aquatec Marine Rope
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Aquatec Marine Rope

Excellent abrasion resistance with High strength to weight ratio .Shock load resistance and UV resistant with excellent weathering properties with Excellent knotting and splicing .

  • Optimal lay construction for higher strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Ideal for marine fishing and heavy industrial use
  • Distinctive Green with Gold mark coloring to identify genuine Aquatec Rope
  • UV resistant with excellent weathering properties
  • Excellent knotting and splicing capabilities


Aquatec Rope is a specially designed rope manufactured with a construction that optimizes its strength, abrasion resistance, and splicing capabilities. It is primarily intended for use in marine fishing and heavy industrial applications where reliability is crucial.

One of the distinguishing features of Aquatec Rope is its distinctive Green with Gold mark coloring, which sets it apart from imitations. This color scheme serves as a visual identifier, ensuring that users can easily identify genuine Aquatec Rope. Additionally, the rope is UV resistant, meaning it can withstand exposure to sunlight without significant degradation. It also possesses excellent weathering properties, enabling it to endure harsh environmental conditions over prolonged periods.

A notable advantage of Aquatec Rope is its excellent knotting and splicing capabilities. It allows for secure and reliable knots and splices, which are essential for ensuring the integrity and performance of the rope in various applications.

Moreover, Aquatec Rope is not affected by water. This characteristic means that it remains strong and reliable even when exposed to moisture or submerged in water. It does not absorb water, which helps to maintain its strength and performance in wet conditions.

Overall, Aquatec Rope is a high-quality, reliable rope designed for demanding marine fishing and heavy industrial applications. Its optimal construction, distinctive coloring, UV resistance, excellent weathering properties, and resistance to water make it a dependable choice for applications where strength and durability are paramount.


Here are some bullet points highlighting the industrial uses of Aquatec Rope:

  • Heavy-duty lifting and hoisting operations
  • Offshore rigging and mooring applications
  • Towing and pulling heavy loads
  • Industrial rigging and construction projects
  • Cargo handling and transportation
  • Crane operations and rigging
  • Mining and quarrying operations
  • Oil and gas exploration and production
  • Logging and forestry operations
  • Utility and power line installations
  • Shipbuilding and maritime applications



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