Half Body Chest Harness Safety Belt
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Half Body Chest Harness Safety Belt

Two double back buckles allow waist belt to be adjusted and secured in a single movement. Safety equipment for construction, maintenance, exploration, aerial working, rescue, etc. The Full Body Single Point Harness is fully adjustable in the Chest, Lower & Upper Body areas to better meets different protection and rescuer requirements.


Half Body Chest Harness Safety Belt is made of high-strength polyester. High strength material, resistant to abrasion, acid, and alkali. The buckle is made of alloy steel, thickened and reinforced, and will not fall off.  The safety belt is precisely sewn by the machine, with fine and even threading, small pinholes and high density. It is adjustable through bust adjustment buckle, length adjustment buckle, waist adjustment buckle.  You can adjust the safe belt to meet your needs. Half Body Chest Harness Safety Belt is easy to wear and remove, adjust the harness with adjustable metal buckles and straps. Detachable Buckles also make putting on or taking off the harness more easily. The safety harness is webbing adopts high-strength polyester yarn material, adopts multi-machine seam, thickening treatment, high density, large pulling force and strong carrying capacity, which can protect workers' safety. Waist belt and shoulder pad, features better fit and function, adds comfort and support.

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