Load Arrester
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Load Arrester

Load Arrester Spring tools balancer specially designed to free operator from weight of the hand tools. When properly balanced by adjusting spring tension, the load balancing tools become almost weightless in the hands of the operator, and can be moved up and down with very little effort.


LOAD ARRESTER , A break of chain or cable for hoisting the load. A failure of the retaining elements of the load. Load arresters designed to stop the fall of a load with a maximum weight of 400kg. Casings made up of high impact strength polymer, nearly indestructible; to prevent breakage. Galvanized steel wire rope . Multi-ratchet quick fall arrest system. Integrated shock absorber, which reduces the efforts on the structure. Reduced fall arrest distance. It has the advantages of high strength, light weight, and easy to carry. Anodic oxidation process makes the product long lasting useable .Tools balancer with better quality Spring balancer also know as tools balancer, load balancer, zero gravity tools balancer, power masters, tools retractor and so on names.


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